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As a 2-generation family-owned company, Capital City Staffing, LLC t/a AMMON Staffing provides office administrative, light industrial, industrial, logistics and medical workforce solutions across the South. In 2019, AMMON Staffing celebrated its 35th anniversary. While we obviously are proud of this milestone, we do not consider longevity alone to be a competitive advantage. What we do consider significant, though, is what 35 years signifies, especially as it relates to our core values and how they have provided a firm foundation for our business.

Our solutions are efficient and tailored to the unique challenges and goals of every employer and candidate we serve. Our recruiters are industry experts who strive to exceed expectations with every engagement.

Boyd Ammon

Boyd Ammon

Vice President

As the Vice President of AMMON, Boyd overseas all operations...

Boyd Ammon

Boyd Ammon

Position: Vice President
Phone: 225.248.6988
Categories: Corporate

As the Vice President of AMMON, Boyd overseas all operations of the corporate office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Boyd also manages the IT / Software Infrastructure. He has been with AMMON, full-time, since 2010 and part-time since 2004. In the past, Boyd has over 15 years’ experience recruiting for Light Industrial and Administrative Personnel.

Rick Ammon


Rick is the founder and President of Ammon Staffing. He...


Rick Ammon

Position: President
Phone: 225.364.2719
Categories: Corporate

Rick is the founder and President of Ammon Staffing. He is a proud graduate of Louisiana State University School of Business Administration. Following in the footsteps of his mother, he opened the company in 1984. Rick manages all financial aspects of the corporation. With over 38 years of experience in the staffing business he uses his expert knowledge to mentor and advise the staff and management team to operate at their highest potential.

Sarah Eggie, CHP

Healthcare Scheduling Lead

As a Healthcare Recruiter and Scheduler at AMMON, Sarah coordinates...


Sarah Eggie, CHP

Position: Healthcare Scheduling Lead
Phone: 225.960.2078
Categories: Healthcare Staffing

As the Scheduling Lead at AMMON, Sarah coordinates and oversees the schedules for 30+ of our healthcare facilities by assigning them to our CNAs, LPNs, and RNs. She engages with our employees on a regular basis to ensure their expectations are being met as an AMMON employee. Prior to starting at AMMON in August 2020, she graduated with her master’s in social work at Louisiana State University.

  • Sarah was never certain what career path she would take after graduation, but HR had always been an option. Her experience at AMMON has made the decision of a career in HR unquestionable. Her favorite part of working for this company is the people. We have such a great team here constantly encouraging, challenging, and praising each other for their accomplishments. Moving up the ladder is what motivates her the most.
  • Sarah’s extremely goal-driven, and one of her driving factors with AMMON is the goal to lead her own team one day with the company. She believes that this will be possible because of the support and guidance from her supervisor and the owners of the company.
  • Sarah has a boxer named Duke.
  • “My goal is to lead my own team one day here at AMMON, and I have no doubt I can do that because of the support and guidance I have from my supervisor and the owners of this company.”
  • When Sarah needs to buckle down and focus, she adjusts her desk to standing and puts her AirPods in and dials in to her work.

Alyssa Eilers, CHP

Healthcare Recruiter

Alyssa has been a Healthcare Recruiter and Placement Coordinator since...


Alyssa Eilers, CHP

Position: Healthcare Recruiter
Phone: 225.239.2397
Categories: Healthcare Staffing
Alyssa Eilers:

Alyssa has been a Healthcare Recruiter and Placement Coordinator since June 2021 and works directly with our clients to discover their needs so she can recruit, prescreen, interview, and place the perfect candidates at their facilities. Working in pediatrics for 8.5 years, switching to staffing for healthcare was an easy adjustment as she already has a background in it. Her favorite part of her job is getting to know the employees and clients and building personal bonds with them.

  • Alyssa’s number one motivation is her son. He is the reason she wakes up and strives to be better than the day before.
  • In her spare time, she loves axe throwing and anything adventurous and adrenaline-seeking. She also paints and does resin work.
  • Alyssa was a professional photographer and has a teaching and arts degree.
  • Although Alyssa was born in Anaheim, CA, she grew up in Lake Charles and has called Baton Rouge her home since 2000.
  • She has one cat, a tortie named Toula
  • Alyssa describes herself in three words as determined, light-hearted, and clumsy
  • Her best career lesson she has learned is to always tell the truth, own up to your mistakes, learn from them, and do better next time. Honesty and integrity go a long way.

Sandra Grant

Corporate Manager

Sandra Grant has been with AMMON since March 2021 and...


Sandra Grant

Position: Corporate Manager
Phone: 225.256.2492
Categories: Healthcare Staffing

Sandra Grant has been with AMMON since March 2021 and is the Corporate Manager, responsible for the best-in-class service to AMMON Healthcare’s customers and contingent staff, as well as overseeing the Commercial Division. Sandra is a collaborative and analytical leader with 23 years of experience working with clients, building, and motivating dynamic teams to achieve client and business objectives, and leveraging business strategy and tactics to retain and grow business.

  • Mrs. Sandra is from a small town outside of Savannah, GA
  • Investing, mentoring, and empowering your team to take action is how she feels AMMON displays leadership.
  • Something many people do not know about Mrs. Sandra is that she has a black belt in Martial Arts with the main style of Shorin Ryu. Throughout the years she has found the discipline she learned aides in all walks of life.
  • She has two small dogs, Dolly and Dojo.

Emilyn Guey, CHP

Staffing Coordinator

Emilyn has been a Healthcare Recruiter and Staffing Coordinator since...


Emilyn Guey, CHP

Position: Staffing Coordinator
Phone: 225.465.7555
Categories: Healthcare Staffing

Emilyn has been a Staffing Coordinator and has specialized in Client Care since April 2022. She assists in onboarding new employees as well as managing schedules at multiple facilities. Emilyn has a career history in banking and customer service. She is a New Orleans native and has called Baton Rouge her home since 2013..

  • Emilyn’s favorite part about working for Ammon is the welcoming atmosphere. From her first day working here she has felt like she was home.
  • The best career lesson that Emilyn has learned in professional life is that stressing out and panicking doesn’t make the work go away. It is best to take your time and keep a level head and do it properly than to try to rush through it and do a haphazard job. “One of my former bosses caught me stressing one day when I had a lot on my plate, and his advice was ‘Stressing about it will not make the plate any smaller, it’ll just make it harder to eat.’”
  • She has one cat named Oliver.
  • Emilyn often keeps small candies at her desk and likes to walk around and drop little treats on people’s desks as a pick-me-up in the late afternoons.

Melanie Decou

Commercial Recruiter

Melanie Decou has been with AMMON since 2020 and is...


Melanie Decou

Position: Commercial Recruiter
Phone: 225.400.9042
Categories: Commercial Staffing

Melanie Decou has been with AMMON since 2020 and is a Commercial Recruiter. Thirty-one years of her career was spent working for engineering firms. She has worn many different hats and held titles like Administrative Assistant, Office Financial Administrative Specialist, Document Control Specialist, and Project Business Analyst.

Cheyenne Fernandez

Commercial Lead

Cheyenne is our most senior recruiter for our Commercial Staffing...


Cheyenne Fernandez

Position: Commercial Lead
Phone: 225.400.9862
Categories: Commercial Staffing

Cheyenne is our most senior recruiter and is Team Lead for the Commercial Staffing team. She specializes in industrial staffing, is OSHA 511 certified, and is on call for safety/injury reporting. Before starting with AMMON in 2018, she was a licensed real estate agent, but very quickly realized her passion for this industry once she was settled in. As a people person, she loves communicating with clients and employees, and her intuition helps her secure the best-suited candidate for the job.

  • Cheyenne enjoys a challenge; she is always looking for more efficient and effective ways to complete tasks/goals.
  • In her spare time Cheyenne enjoys reading, making dreamcatchers, deep-sea fishing, and most importantly spending time with family and friends.
  • She is conversationally fluent in sign language and is learning the Choctaw language.
  • Cheyenne has a beautiful Siberian husky named Everest, an adorable munchkin cat named Stubbs, and a charming banana ball python named Barley.
  • When asked about her favorite aspect of working at AMMON, she responded with “By far our welcoming team of in-house employees, AMMON Staffing is family!”
  • The best career lesson she has learned is to be authentic and to do her best in every aspect.

Lexie Bourque

Payroll Assistant


Lexie Bourque

Position: Payroll Assistant
Phone: 225.433.0100
Categories: Office Administration

Heather McDade

Accounting Coordinator


Heather McDade

Position: Accounting Coordinator
Phone: 225.256.1673
Categories: Office Administration

Kelsey Segraves

Payroll Lead

Kelsey’s favorite part of her job is handling money because...


Kelsey Segraves

Position: Payroll Lead
Phone: 225.528.2226
Categories: Office Administration

As the Payroll Coordinator of AMMON, Kelsey oversees all of payroll in the corporate office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has been with AMMON since 2021. Kelsey has a background in management and recruiting, and career history as an operations manager. She is a proud Baton Rouge native and had ventured out to Utah for a short time but knew her heart was here.

  • Kelsey’s favorite part of her job is handling money because who doesn’t love money! She is a math person who enjoys working with numbers all day long.
  • She defines success as always moving forward. She continually develops herself by always setting future goals to work towards.
  • Kelsey has two Pitbull rescues, China, and Tuna.
  • When asked what her favorite productivity hack is, she responded with “When I need to be super productive, I like to get comfy and turn on music or a podcast to block out the outside noise. If not, I’ll be tuning into everything I can hear and I will get distracted. “
  • Kelsey’s favorite aspect about Ammon is that our work/life balance is respected. If time off needs to be taken, it truly is time off.

Tusdy Shelton

Front Office Coordinator

Tusdy, a Pennsylvania native, has been a proud member of...


Tusdy Shelton

Position: Front Office Coordinator
Phone: 225.256.7244
Categories: Office Administration

Tusdy, a Pennsylvania native, has been a proud member of AMMON and has joyfully greeted employees and clients alike since March 2021. With a background in clerical and administrative work, she transitioned into her role easily. She is an expert at answering the phones and speaking to employees, as well as helping employees troubleshoot problems they may have with their applications and onboarding process. She keeps track of all the I9s and other paperwork that helps AMMON run with ease.

  • Mrs. Tusdy loves to collect Disney Ornaments and enjoys hunting with her husband during deer season.
  • Her favorite thing about her job is getting to work with the public and make them feel good about themselves.
  • She finds success when someone leaves the office with a smile on their face and happiness in their voice. That is how she knows she did her job.
  • She is known to be the AMMON mascot, as one of her favorite things to do is dress up for the holidays!
  • Mrs. Tusdy has one golden retriever aptly named Mickey Mouse
  • Her favorite aspect about AMMON is that we are her family away from her family.
  • Three words to describe Tusdy: Faithful, trustworthy, and fun.

As a full-service staffing agency, we offer the following services to our clients.


After we complete discovery with your company, our teams will perform all necessary credentialing on candidates before they are approved to start work with your company, as required by your company.


Our team of experienced recruiters will pre-screen and verify candidates experience to be sure you are only presented with the most qualified candidates available.

Skills Checklist

Our recruiters will build a skill checklist for our candidates so we may match them with the skills required in your needs.


As the employer of record, our company will be responsible for completing all onboarding for candidates. This includes I-9, State and Federal Tax Paperwork, as well as Direct Deposit and other Payroll information. Our office can even create a custom onboarding package for your company if your company requires certain documents completed before an employee starts!

Background Check

We will work alongside your company to perform the type of background check required to have an employee start. Depending on the type of background check needed, additional fees may be required.

Drug Screening

Our team will work with your company to have our candidates complete the required pre-screen drug screening required to have an employee start with your organization. Depending on the type of drug screen needed, additional fees may be required.

Certification / License Verification

Does your opening require special licensing or certification? All licenses and certifications are verified by our office before a candidate starts work at a client company.

Additional services may be available. Speak with an AMMON recruiter to discuss the addition or modification of services if required.

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We work with hundreds of clients throughout the state. Whether you are a nurse looking to cover a single shift, or a forklift operator looking to work in a distribution warehouse, AMMON has you covered.

We provide temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire staffing services to Healthcare, Administrative, Office, Warehouse, and Light Industrial businesses.

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