Customer Portal: Storing Payment Methods

Storing payment methods in our customer portal is easy & only takes few simple steps.

For any additional assistance, please contact our Accounting Department directly at 225.256.1573 or email For any issues regarding information on an invoice, please contact

To add a payment method go to Customers > Select Customer (clicking on the ID or Display Name).  

spm1 jpg

Click Stored Payment Method.  

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Click Add a Stored Payment Method.

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You can then enter the card details and click Add Card

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Our customer portal will automatically send an email with the authorization form, notifying the customer,  along with a link, where the customer can consent by signing electronically.  All emails from our customer portal will come from Once the authorization form has been signed, it is then saved, and the ACH account can be used as a payment method for future transactions, without requiring another authorization form. Your customers can also store their ACH accounts as a payment method through the customer portal.

For additional assistance, questions or concerns please reach out to our Accounting Department by email at or by phone at 225.293.1171.