Our Code of Ethics

From our President and Vice President:    

As AMMON Healthcare has adapted to changes in our environment after the worldwide pandemic – one tenet remains constant – our commitment to integrity and our ethical culture. We are all expected to act by the highest standards of business ethics.  

Our values are an essential link to our long-standing relationships with our clients and employees. Throughout the years, we have earned the confidence of our clients and employees because of our commitment to our ethical culture.  

Thank you for your continued dedication to AMMON Healthcare and your commitment to applying the values and ethical standards embodied in Our Code of Ethics. Together, with our ongoing commitment to serving our Healthcare community and our passion for doing the right thing, we guarantee our steady growth and invaluable reputation.  

Our Code of Ethics  

Capital City Staffing, LLC t/a AMMON Healthcare seeks to comply with the applicable laws and regulatory standards prevalent in the healthcare industry. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our partners in the healthcare community.   

Our Code of Ethics guides employees of AMMON Healthcare and sets the standard for professional conduct, commitment, and responsibility.  Our code does not incorporate all policies but serves as a summary of the key principles that should govern employee conduct.  

AMMON Healthcare Employees Commit To:  

  • Professionally conduct themselves to their profession, patient, and employer, have compassion and regard responsibility and respect for the patient as paramount.   
  • Recognize integrity as encompassing honesty in all situations, pursuing a high standard of conduct, and consistently adhering to principles of professionalism.   
  • Treat all individuals encountered or entrusted to their care with respect and dignity. We have compassion and respect for every individual’s inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of the health problem.  
  • Deliver quality patient care with effective communication, patient empathy, and without discrimination.  
  • Respect all laws and avoid involvement in fraudulent or deceptive activity.  
  • Honoring our commitments, contracts, agreements, and assigned responsibilities. Following the rules required while on client premises and under client supervisor supervision.  

AMMON Healthcare aspires to maintain a reputation for the highest level of excellence. We are committed to doing the best possible job, and if there is a problem, we are committed to its prompt resolution. We will carry out the assigned job responsibilities with a spirit of excellence and teamwork, respecting co-workers and conducting themselves free of all forms of harassment. 

We have the same duties to ourselves as to others, including the responsibility to behave according to ethical principles, act in good faith, intellectual honesty, and fairness. To continue personal and professional growth and maintenance of competence.  

In conclusion, our Code of Ethics is our emblem to focus on, support, identify with, and advocate for. Our Code expresses who we are, what we do, and shows how our profession functions for the good of all.