Clocking In and Clocking Out through our Mobile Time Clock

Our office utilizes the capabilities of UKG Ready’s Secure Human Resources and Payroll System. With this system, our employees have the ability to securely log in to Clock In in and Clock Out of work. Employees are also able to utilize the system to view and print past payroll history and to update tax and payroll information.

Below are some helpful instructions to get you started with our App!

Login information will be emailed to employees when they have completed our onboarding process. For any questions regarding login information, please reach out to our corporate office at 1-877-222-4559.

This page will show you how to:

Login to the UKG App

To clock in, the first step you need to do is log into the UKG app using your username and password.

For assistance with your Login, please follow this link:

Login Help

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Select "My Time" from the Dashboard

When you login to the UKG App you will be presented with a dashboard that contains your current schedule and some options at the top.

Select the Purple clock that says “My Time” to view your current time sheet.

If you log into UKG Ready, and your screen does not looks like the one to the right, please contact our payroll department at 1-877-222-4559 to have your settings updated.


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View your current Timesheet.

When you enter your time sheet you will be able to see your current timesheet with current punches. The total “Calc. Total” of hours worked so far will also be visible.

Please note, this is the Calculated Total Hours worked, with any auto-deducted lunches/breaks already calculated on your time card.

If this number does not appear to be accurate, please contact our payroll department at 1-877-222-4559 to correct.

To Clock In select “Clock In” at the top of the screen.


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Successful Clock In

You should receive the following message if your clock in was successful. This time will be recorded on your time sheet – and if all is accurate, you may exit the app until you are ready to clock out.


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Unsuccessful Clock In

If you receive the following message, it means you are not currently located at the location you are clocking in at. Our UKG App uses Geo Fencing, and you will only be allowed to clock in /out at the specific client location.

If you believe you are receiving this message by mistake, or if the “Expected Location” does not match where you are currently working, please contact our office to correct: 1-877-222-4559.

Please note, the punch will still be recorded in our system, but will require us to approve it before it is visible on the time sheet.


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Successful Clock Out

When your shift is completed, log back into the UKG App and view your time sheet. Select “Clock Out” to clock out. You should receive the following green message that you Completed your shift and after selecting OK, your hours should be recorded on your time sheet.


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The work week at AMMON is 12:00 AM on Monday to 11:59 PM on Sunday. Time is due in our office by 12:00 Noon on Monday morning, following the week you worked. As a reminder, if we do not receive your time by 12:00 Noon there could be a delay in having your time approved for payroll, and your check may be delayed until the time is approved.

Please contact our office at 1-877-222-4559 if you have any issues using our app or having your time approved.