How to Request Open Shifts through the UKG Ready App

Our office utilizes the capabilities of UKG Ready’s Secure Human Resources and Payroll System. With this system, our employees have the ability to request open shifts.

Below are some helpful instructions to get you started with our App!

Login information will be emailed to employees when they have completed our onboarding process. For any questions regarding login information, please reach out to our corporate office at 1-877-222-4559.

This page will show you how to:

  • View your current schedule
  • Request Open Shifts

Login to the UKG App

To request open shifts, the first step you need to do is log into the UKG app using your username and password.

For assistance with your Login, please follow this link:

Login Help

Screenshot 20230206 133654 UKG Ready jpg

Click “My schedule” on your UKG Dashboard

To manage your schedule and to request open shifts you will first need to open your schedule from the UKG Ready App. To do this, click the blue “My schedule” link on the top of the calendar on your UKG Ready dashboard.

My Schedule Screen App

View and review your calendar

When you click “My schedule” you will be brought to  your calendar to view and manage. From this screen you can review your schedule and request shifts.

My Schedule Calender 1

View Open Shifts

To view Open Shifts you will need to navigate to the three dots in the top right of your calendar. Click the three dots to view the menu and select “Show Open Shifts”. 

View Open Shifts

Select Open Shifts

Days that have Open Shifts will now be visible on your schedule. To see available shifts for a certain day, click the blue “Request open shift” button to the right of the day you would like to work.

Please note, you will only see current and future available open shifts. You may have to scroll down to view future open shifts if it is not the first of the month and you have the entire month visible.


REq Open Shift Visable

Request an Open Shift

After clicking “Request open shift” you will see all the open shifts for the day.

Please note, you will only see shifts you are qualified to work – if you are a LPN, you will only see LPN shifts and if you are a CNA you will only see CNA shifts. 

When you find a shift you would like to work you can select the shift. If you are able to work two shifts, you may select both shifts on the same day.


Select Shift

Request an Open Shift

Take a minute to review your open shifts, once you confirm these shifts are the ones you would like to work click the “Submit” button to send your Open Shift request.

Please note – if you make a request in error, you will need to contact our office by text of phone to let us know. There is no way to cancel an open shift request.


Shift Selected

View Current Requests

After your request has been submitted you will be able to view you Open Shift Requests. You will not be added on a shift until your request is approved by a member of AMMON’s Scheduling Team.


Shift Selected

Shift Request Approval

You will receive a confirmation email when your shift is approved by an AMMON Schedule Manager. The email will go to the email address we have on file with you.

You will also receive important information about the shift when you receive the email, including who you are to report to and information about the facility.

The shift will also be visible on your schedule in UKG Ready. If you need additional information on your shift please contact our office at 1-877-222-4559 or reach out to the scheduling team via text message.


Shift Approved
Shift Approved Email
view schedule

Please contact our office at 1-877-222-4559 if you have any issues using our app or requesting shifts!