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Coffee Cups Outnumber Employees?

We Can Fix That!

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s not uncommon to find offices where the coffee cups outnumber the employees. This isn’t just a sign of a caffeine-dependent workforce; it’s a clear indicator of under-staffing, which can lead to overworked employees, decreased productivity, and ultimately, a dip in morale. That’s where we step in. Our staffing solutions are designed to perfectly match your company’s unique needs with skilled, ready-to-work professionals.

Whether you’re looking for temporary reinforcements to handle project surges, temp-to-hire talent to ensure a perfect fit before making a commitment, or contract staff to fill specialized roles, we’ve got the resources to turn that coffee cup to employee ratio around. Let us help you refill your workforce, boost productivity, and keep your team energized—without the extra caffeine. Say goodbye to an overflow of coffee cups and hello to a bustling, balanced, and thriving workplace.

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our commercial staffing services

We understand the unique demands of these sectors and are dedicated to connecting businesses with skilled professionals who excel in these environments.

Whether you’re seeking efficient administrative support, industrious warehouse staff, or proficient construction professionals, our division is equipped to meet your specific needs. Discover how our tailored staffing solutions can enhance your team’s performance and productivity.

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We’re more than just a staffing agency; we’re a team dedicated to empowering your career and business goals.

Our passion lies in connecting the right people with the right jobs, creating opportunities that transform lives and businesses alike.

As a family-owned company now in its 40th year, AMMON Staffing continues to provide top-tier office administrative, industrial, logistics, and medical workforce solutions across the South.

Our Healthcare division proudly holds the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, and our affiliation with the American Staffing Association reinforces our commitment to excellence.

Our solutions remain efficient and customized, supported by expert recruiters dedicated to meeting the unique needs and goals of every employer and candidate.

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ammon healthcare

Not having your facility properly staffed can be dangerous and expensive. Let the AMMON team manage the recruiting and scheduling process for you. We have a team of professionals who know your area and can help build your business.

Our team of professionals can help if you are looking to hire RNs, LPNs, CNAs or Techs for your Healthcare Facility. We are fully licensed as a Nurse Staffing Agency in the state of Louisiana and have received The Gold Seal from The Joint Commission for Healthcare Staffing Services.