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We bridge the gap between talented job seekers and dynamic employers. We offer employers a streamlined way to access a pool of qualified candidates, perfectly suited to their company’s evolving needs.

For job seekers, our services provide a gateway to exciting opportunities that align with their skills and career aspirations. By choosing AMMON, you’re opting for a partner who understands the nuances of the job market and is committed to fostering successful, long-lasting employment relationships.

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temporary staffing

Temporary staffing services offer a win-win solution for both employers and job seekers. For employers, it provides a flexible approach to workforce management, allowing them to adjust staffing levels to meet seasonal demands, cover employee absences, or tackle special projects.

This flexibility can lead to cost savings and a more efficient operation. For job seekers, temporary positions offer the opportunity to gain diverse experience, develop new skills, and explore different industries, all while enjoying the flexibility to balance other life commitments. Moreover, these roles often serve as a stepping stone to permanent employment, providing valuable networking opportunities and insight into various company cultures.

Discover how our Temporary Staffing Services can open doors to new possibilities and growth for both employers and job seekers.

strategic matchmaking

temp-to-hire solutions

Temp-to-hire staffing is a strategic approach benefiting both employers and job seekers. For employers, this service offers a ‘trial period’ to evaluate a candidate’s fit in the role and company culture without immediate long-term commitment, minimizing hiring risks. It also provides the flexibility to assess workforce needs in real-time.

Job seekers, on the other hand, gain a unique opportunity to showcase their skills and suitability for permanent employment, while experiencing the workplace environment firsthand. This option is an ideal pathway for both parties to ensure a mutually beneficial, long-term employment relationship.

Discover how our Temp-to-Hire Staffing Services can pave the way for enduring success.

project driven excelence

contract staffing solutions

Contract staffing solutions are ideal for employers needing skilled professionals for specific projects or fixed-term requirements.

This service allows businesses to efficiently manage project timelines and budgets by bringing in expertise for the exact duration needed. It’s particularly beneficial for industries with fluctuating workloads or specialized projects. For professionals, contract staffing presents opportunities to work on diverse projects, develop niche skills, and build an impressive portfolio while enjoying the flexibility of fixed-term employment.

Explore our Contract Staffing Solutions to find the perfect alignment for your project needs and professional aspirations.

adaptive healthcare staffing

prn solutions

PRN Staffing Solutions are a vital component in healthcare, offering flexibility and adaptability to both healthcare facilities and professionals. For medical establishments, PRN staffing addresses the fluctuating needs of patient care, allowing for efficient staff augmentation during peak times, unforeseen staff shortages, or specific patient care requirements.

Healthcare professionals benefit from the opportunity to work in diverse settings, gain varied experience, and enjoy the flexibility to choose shifts that align with their lifestyle. Our PRN Staffing Solutions are designed to ensure high-quality patient care while providing healthcare professionals with dynamic career opportunities.

seemless integration

employer of record servcies

Our Employer of Record Services offer a seamless solution for businesses looking to streamline their workforce management. By acting as the employer of record for employees you recruit and screen, we manage all payroll and onboarding processes, ensuring compliance and administrative ease.

This allows your business to maintain direct control over the work and performance of these employees while we handle the complexities of employment administration. Our service is ideal for companies seeking to reduce administrative burdens and focus on their core operations, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and compliant workforce management system.

direct hire expertise

streamlined recruiting services

Our Direct Hire Services streamline the recruitment process for businesses seeking top talent. We handle the extensive search and screening, presenting only the most qualified candidates for your consideration. Once you’ve made your selection, these candidates are placed directly onto your payroll, integrating seamlessly into your team.

This service is perfect for companies looking to fill permanent positions efficiently, with the assurance that candidates meet their specific needs and culture. Let us connect you with the ideal professionals to enhance your workforce and drive your business forward. opportunities.

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